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A Look Into Yoga Nectar's Elevated Experience

Marni Turnbaugh | March 27, 2019

Relaxation, mindfulness, restoration and a general willingness to let go of anxieties caused by the daily grind - to achieve a higher energy state. This is what defines the overlap between cannabis and yoga. This dynamic duo has been thriving in the holistic world for millennia which is why we decided to check out The Yoga Nectar’s Elevated Experience to experience and explore the wonderful entourage of cannabis and yoga.

The Yoga Nectar, based out of Downtown Los Angeles was gracious enough to host this event in their vibey space that was perfect for both photo ops and of course YOGA! Our yoga instructor, Andrea Restivo, led us through a magical afternoon of enlightenment and connection complete with cannabis education as Cole Knight, the live DJ, set the ambiance with fabulous meditative EDM mixes. Alongside the yoga area, vendors from different cannabis and health food brands offered education about incorporating cannabis-infused products into a productive and active wellness-focused lifestyle. You simply cannot beat an experience where the informing of the benefits of using cannabis and natural foods over pharmaceuticals for better long-term health is the priority! If you happened to miss this exciting mixer, dive in below for a fun recap!

Enjoying a joint at The Yoga Nectar's Elevated Experience

In the midafternoon prior to our first pose starting, eager yogis and first-time participants began to trickle in. They were greeted by wafts of burning sage and a swag bag with goodies that included CBD products, activewear from Stigma Activewear and other fun, holistic inspired foods & gear! As the guests made their way inside, vendors were ready with educational materials about each brand. With upbeat electronic music played by Cole setting the mood, guests were able to mingle and enjoy glasses of CBD water before class. Mary’s Medicinal’s provided a great education on their THC topicals line such as their “muscle freeze” that is  beneficial for post-workout soreness and overall recovery.

The music begins to raise, and echoes of excited voices filled the yoga room as floor space became sparse; almost completely occupied by yoga mats. Finally, it was time to let go of all tensions and be in the moment, for the moment. Andrea invited us all to our mats and led us into a group icebreaker that was a highlight for many people afterwards. To begin the class, we all sat still and quiet on our mats with hands outstretched to our sides – palm to palm with our neighbors. For about two minutes, everybody in the room was connected by touch and breath.

This small moment set the tone for the entire class as it built a strong bond of trust between everyone present. The connection that we all shared helped to comfort and settle everyone into their environment and to instill a collective peaceful energy in the entire room. During this moment, Andrea took the time to hypnotically guide us out of our small world problems and into the state of being present and mindful. Reminding the group that we are all here out of love and appreciation of ourselves, our journeys and the benefits cannabis allows through these processes. Andrea broke down walls of self-consciousness by incorporating a judgement-free dance session in the middle of class. Joints were passed and laughs were had as we boogied the tension away.

DCB7C4D4-FEC7-4506-A141-2CEFE5971301Once we were loosened up, Andrea centered us back into some warrior poses and sun salutations. Together, we pushed our limits and raised our consciousness. As people throughout the room became present in their own moments, and cannabis clouds abounded, there was a serene feeling of oneness that could be felt by all. Cole Knight perfectly accompanied Andrea’s yoga instruction with an enigmatic playlist of meditative sounds and upbeat vibes. Slowly the music lowered and the stillness in the room was deafening as everyone breathed deeper into their savasana poses.

To end the class, we all participated in Andrea’s ocean of Om chant, where she led the Om and we echoed over and over again until a beautiful harmony reverberated through the room.

By the end of the class we were one big family, ready to celebrate the awesome moments we all shared. People floated through the venue after class, dancing and practicing other poses. Participants were then invited into the vendor area to enjoy acai ice cream, Sol-Ti lemonades and juices, CBD waters. Music filled the air as well as laughs and thank you’s. Breaking the stigma for cannabis-use takes baby steps, however, with Elevated Experiences such as these, its truly apparent how helpful, non-threatening and applicable to all walks of life cannabis can be. Keep an eye on @letsblum to find out about more Elevated Experiences near you!

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