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Blum Freely at Nylons Annual Midnight Garden Party
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Why Buy Legal?

Let's Blüm | April 01, 2019

As of last January the cannabis industry in California made history by opening its doors to all adults 21 years of age and older. Many of us industry insiders have toiled for years to make this dream a reality and we were celebrating! However, not everyone felt like jumping for joy. Cannabis products now come with a heftier price tag due to increased regulations and taxes. Blüm is proud to be a fully compliant Cannabis retailer and we are here to tell you why you might want to stick with us because we have your back!

TDCxLetsBlumIf you are a cannabis consumer, we know you are a smart consumer. By choosing cannabis as an alternative to pharmaceuticals with gnarly side effects or to recreate while avoiding a hangover, you obviously care about what you put in your body! Now we are going to blow your mind. Due to our stringent testing parameters and fully transparent labeling requirements, you can trust your cannabis more than your food!

Most of us pay attention when we shop for food opting to avoid shady ingredients and choosing organic whenever possible. Did you know that our accredited testing laboratories are looking for all kinds of toxic junk in your cannabis products? The legal cannabis industry is held to a stricter standard than much of the produce found at your local grocer. Since these sections of regulation are looooooooong reads, so here we are to break it down for ya.

If you wouldn’t eat it, you really shouldn’t smoke it! The California Bureau of Cannabis Control requires our laboratories to test for 66 (yes 66!) pesticide and fungicide residues that could be hitching a ride on your bud. Many of these compounds are widely available on the ag market because they have been deemed safe to eat in small quantities. This is where you need to listen up because we aren’t talking about an apples to apples comparison here. Let’s zero in on Myclobutanil, a common fungicide used in cannabis cultivation. When heated this guy undergoes a major transformation into some wicked bad gasses including Hydrogen Cyanide. Remember that scene in Jurassic World where they were about to gas the dinosaurs to save the planet? Well, that gas was none other than Hydrogen Cyanide. This gas has a very sordid past as a chemical weapon and Blüm really likes you, so please don’t inhale toxic gasses.

If you wouldn't eat it, you really shouldn't smoke it.

TDCxLetsBlum(67of76)While romaine proved to be the real Devil’s Lettuce during the recent e.Coli outbreak these types of pathogens can also be found on our favorite green plant. YUCK. Our testing laboratories check for several gnarly microbial impurities including e.Coli and Salmonella.

Cannabis has provided much relief for cancer and HIV/AIDS patients who often suffer extreme weight loss due to lack of appetite. This UC Davis study that pre-dates the new testing requirements actually advises patients to avoid the herb because the risk of potentially fatal fungal infections from contaminated product is too great to those with compromised immune systems. Our labs test for molds and fungus to ensure your product is safe to consume, which is especially important for our friends and loved ones with compromised immunity.

Mercury. Lead. Arsenic. Say no more fam! We should NOT be eating or inhaling heavy metals. Ever. The most common cannabis products that get a big fat F from the testing lab for heavy metals are vape cartridges. This is because many manufacturers are buying cheap overseas cartridges that leach heavy metals into your cannabis oil. Here at home, unscrupulous manufacturers have taken it a step further by counterfeiting some of your favorite branded cartridges. Since the legal cannabis industry is still in its infancy this bad behavior is thriving due to lack of resources to police it. The best rule of thumb is, if the price seems too good to be true it probably is. We’ve received reports from consumers that black market shops are selling branded carts up to $40 cheaper than ours. Unfortunately those are not the real deal and pose some serious potential health risks. We always say, if it costs you your health, it’s too expensive.

If it costs you your health, it's too expensive.

For anyone who is using cannabis, especially if it is alongside a serious medical condition, we recommend never purchasing untested cannabis products. This can be a tricky game because some of the websites that assist you in finding cannabis aren’t as concerned about your health and wellbeing as we are! Fortunately our good friends over at Leafly have your best interests in mind. Leafly takes the guess work out of finding clean cannabis by ONLY listing compliant shops. If you found it on Leafly, you know it has been tested and deemed safe for consumption.

Enjoying Henry's Original premium cannabis smokes with friends

Kudos to Henry’s Original, featured in the photos on this post. Henry’s Original is not only compliant, but they’ve taken it a step further by achieving Clean Green Certification!

For the entire month of April, when you buy two eighths or preroll packs of Henry’s Original, get a single preroll for just $1. Exclusively at all three Blüm California locations*.

Cheers to staying woke and consuming clean, friends! Discover all the cannabis benefits here.


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