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Blüm Freely in Action

#blumFREELY at the Waterfront
Blum x Foodbeast _ Cannabis Infused Popcorn
Blum x Foodbeast _ High Style Infused Queso
Elevated Experience _ Blum Decadence
Blum _ The future of cannabis in Southern California
Blum Freely at Nylons Annual Midnight Garden Party (1)
Two Roots Brewing, Co Resilience IPA
Blum x W!NK
Blum x Foodbeast _ Infused Milkshakes
Blum x Foodbeast _ How We Made Our Cannabazzar Centerpiece
Blum PROUDLY for Pride Month
JUNE Blum with Foodbeast
Blum Freely at Nylons Annual Midnight Garden Party
Blum x Foodbeast _ National Donut Day!
Honoring Women in Cannabis _ #blumFREELY
Blum San Leandro _ Grand Opening After Party
Find your Island at Blum!
Breaking Ground _ Santa Ana
Elevated Experience _ Blum Decadence (1)
Blum x FoodBeast Cannabazzar _ _Reefer Madness_ Cocktail
Blum x Korova Takeover
Project Mission Green Launch Event
Hempire Sizzle
Hempire (Season 1, Episode 2)
Hempire (Season, 1 Episode 1)
Blüm Veteran's Day Spotlight- Jose Martinez
THCgiving POTluck

What It Means To Blüm FREELY!

Let's Blüm | July 03, 2019


You’ve seen our slogan everywhere, but what does it really mean? 

This year we are reveling in our newfound cannabis FREEDOM by launching our Blüm FREELY campaign.  This campaign is an all-out celebration of the fact that cannabis users can now share and even flaunt their lifestyle out in the open.  This campaign encompasses a diverse group of individuals embracing and enjoying cannabis FREELY.  On our social media @letsblum you will see everything from lifestyle imagery to recipe videos for taking your edibles to a HIGHER level.  Our blog, titled Blüm FREELY, seeks to educate, entertain, and delight our readers with fun lifestyle cannabis content that feels normal because it is normal!  

Lets Blum x Foodbeast BBQ at Long Beach Cannabis Bloody Marys with High Style beverages

Blüm Events

The most exciting part of this revolution to live FREE has been our Blüm events.  Here you see images from our recent “June Blüm Summer BBQ” where our guests dined on infused eats by Heritage Barbecue, participated in a “Munchielada” building contest while puffing away on Good Brands pre-rolls all to the tunes of soft reggae while “Endless Summer” played on a vintage projector screen.  These events are not only an absolute blast, they are revolutionary because for the first time ever us cannabis users are truly FREE!  Check out this post for a recap of our debut event, the Cannabazaar where CBD mocktails were garnished with an actual LIT joint and we ate glow’d up buffalo wings by Chef Luke while bumping elbows with some of the most influential foodies of our time.

Cannabis bloody mary and tacos Happy women eating tacos

Blüm with us!

We invite you to follow our journey on our Blüm FREELY YouTube channel which gives you an inside look at all things Blüm. 

Events aren’t just for influencers, we want you to be in on a piece of the action! 

Please follow us on social media @letsblum and @blumdelivery for your chance to win an invitation to attend our next Blüm FREELY event!  (Must be 21 or older to follow.  Valid ID required in order to attend).

Keep reading below to learn more about Blüm and our journey through the past decade of pioneering for change in the cannabis industry. 

About Blüm & Legal cannabis

Blüm’s history took root almost ten years ago when Oakland became the very first city to open up a merit-based cannabis permitting program.  Blüm was granted a permit and in 2012 opened its doors to serve medical cannabis patients. Fueled by our passion and knowledge that legalized cannabis would be beneficial for all citizens, Blüm used its position as industry insiders to stand firmly at the front line of social change in the revolution to live FREE.

Over the years Blüm built a strong and loyal following amongst the medical cannabis community in Oakland while expanding its footprint into Orange County in California and Las Vegas and Reno in Nevada.  Our next sweeping victory came with the monumental 2016 Election, where both Nevada and California voters ushered in adult-use cannabis. 

Blüm was jumping for joy because finally cannabis FREEDOM was a reality.  This was a huge step forward for our country as legal cannabis brings with it a plethora of positives.  In addition to legal dispensaries like Blüm providing safe access to cannabis, this budding new industry is poised to generate hundreds of thousands of new jobs and millions in tax revenues nationally.  Legal cannabis also means less incarceration for individuals who would otherwise be subject to extremely harsh mandatory prison sentences put in place by the War on Drugs.

With recreational cannabis legalized, we finally see how our efforts to pioneer social change have begun to dissolve the stigma surrounding cannabis.  People are no longer afraid to speak openly about their cannabis usage.  New users are delighted to find that cannabis helps them with everything from anxiety to socializing in a whole new way that eliminates the hangover

Keep following along as this is only the beginning.  This year the significance of our campaign is being woven into the retail environment complete with open concept luxury-retail (bye bye ominous security measures and bullet proof glass!) as a wink and nod to remind us all to Blüm FREELY each and every day!


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