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The 10 Best Cannabis Apps & Resources to Keep You Elevated

Chase Maser | October 30, 2019

If you love cannabis, then why not connect it to your daily lifestyle?

Since cannabis is enjoying a wide range of acceptance across the country, tons of companies are embracing the possibilities by creating resources that offer a variety of services and ways to engage with fellow cannabis users. From delivery services to educating yourself on the potency of different cannabis strains, you can find something out there that brings you closer to cannabis and keeps you up-to-date on the latest trends.

Technology is a great way to stay in the loop, so to help you stay elevated at all times, here are the 10 best cannabis apps and resources to explore.

Leafly logo


If you're looking for a cannabis encyclopedia, then Leafly is your app of choice. Not only does the app serve as the world's number one cannabis resource platform, but it gives you the ability to research dispensaries all across the country. Plus, you can review different strains and explore customer reviews to help you decide which blends are right for your desired effects. It's also a very useful app for those seeking medicinal cannabis use since users can research legal doctors, clinics, and retail stores that carry medicinal strains and other products. 



MJ Lifestyle is a magazine by women, for women. Working to normalize the use of marijuana through empowerment and femininity, MJ Lifestyle's core mission is "to lift the stigma by cultivating a positive image for women and cannabis." By leveraging their superb imagery, written content, and podcast, the team at MJ Lifestyle has managed to lift the veil on what cannabis culture means to women, inspiring countless readers to sell out all print issues of the magazine. 

Herb logo


Herb is your online Cannabis Concierge. With a vast library of written and video content, Herb is an impeccably curated resource for cannabis information, education, and news. They also have a mobile app in the works, claimed by Herb to be "the most revolutionary cannabis app yet." Get on the app waitlist on the Herb home page!

And don’t miss their cookbook – it's fantastic!


If you're looking for premium media that embraces modern cannabis culture, look no further than Civilized. In their own words, "Civilized is a reflection of the folks we see enjoying cannabis but not represented in current cannabis culture." With plenty of content topics for readers to explore — including a fantastic cookbook — Civilized is an impeccably curated resource for cannabis information, education, and news.

Bear Bros Pharms logo


Beard Bros is one of our most trusted online resources for staying up to date with cannabis news, politics, and opinion. Brothers Bill and Jeff are OG growers of craft cannabis who have been at the ground floor of legalization for decades. After launching their own in-house content production operation in 2018, Bear Bros. Pharms has become one of the premier resources for the cannabis culture in California and throughout the country.

Merry Jane logo


The free MerryJane app (available on the App Store) wraps up the cannabis culture into one neat package. As "the ultimate destination" for cannabis lifestyle content, you'll find everything from news articles to recipes to exclusive celebrity content here. The app also features a dispensary location tool and a product search function, giving you the resources you need to learn as much as possible about the products you're buying and where they come from. 

A Proper High logo


Are you a cannabis "newbie"? We all were at some point! A Proper High is our favorite resource for those less experienced cannabis enthusiasts who are hoping to delve deeper. If you're looking for product reviews, consumption "how-tos," and easily digestible education, start here. Now get to reading — there's a lot to take in!

Kitchen Toke logo


Kitchen Toke is our go-to resource for gourmet cannabis recipes. With delicious recipes for both humans and their furry loved ones (treat your dog right with Damn Good Dog Biscuits), Kitchen Toke destigmatizes the use of cannabis one Pomegranate Coconut Cream Pie at a time. And, aside from the food, Kitchen Toke also publishes a high-end magazine with fantastic content for the cannabis-minded. If you want to absorb more of the cannabis lifestyle from the comfort of your kitchen, give Kitchen Toke a try.

Grow With Jane logo


Not only is it important for buyers to have the right resources for cannabis, but sellers also need tools to grow their business. 

Grow with Jane aims to solve the complicated work that growers face with an in-depth organization platform dedicated to easily creating plants and turning a profit. For example, users have can create master logs, set reminders, write down other info, and learn safety/health tips to keep themselves and the environment in good shape. It's essentially a creative planner and scheduler, completely online, to help measure growth data and insights of a user's cannabis business. 


According to research from Fitsmallbusiness, the cannabis market is expected to increase at a rate of 21% each year from now until 2021. With that in mind, investing in the cannabis industry is a good idea if you feel up for the challenge. 

With the New Cannabis Ventures app, cannabis enthusiasts can learn the latest industry news from trusted financial wizards and CEOs of some of the most influential cannabis brands in history. Investors, entrepreneurs, and cannabis icons contribute original content to the platform, allowing you to benefit from their insights and grow your own cannabis skills and portfolio for the future. 

You can also connect with other investors on the platform and other companies that can help you succeed in a variety of areas, like content marketing, digital marketing, sales, customer reviews, and customer pain points. 

As the cannabis market continues to grow, the abundance of relevant apps will stay right on its upward trend. Whether you download one or all five, you're sure to get something useful from these cannabis apps. There's a lot out there — hopefully we've helped you narrow it down! #Letsblum

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