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Talking to Parents about Cannabis

Amy Oppedisano | May 09, 2019

Talking to parents about cannabis can be nerve racking. Fear of judgement is human nature and can be especially intense when it comes from within our own families. Cannabis has been misunderstood for decades, wrongfully convicted by a court of uninformed public opinion. This has caused some parents to be strongly opposed to the herb and as a result, adult users are still hiding from parental judgments. Some of us want to be open about our cannabis use with our families as the most connected relationships develop when secrecy and judgments dissolve into love and understanding. If this is sounding very relatable to you, Blüm has complied some words of wisdom from those of us who have broken the barrier and started the cannabis conversation with our parents.

First we’d like to point out, are you sure you even need to explain yourself? Mom and dad might surprise you by coming out of the cannabis closet right along with you. For those of us raising kids in 2019 and beyond our children will never know a world of strict cannabis prohibition, but you were raised in a different time. Mom and dad might have been sneaking tokes in the garage to de-stress while you were sleeping in your footie jammies none the wiser. Using cannabis under Drug War era laws was very risky and old habits die hard, so some of our parents might still be keeping cannabis secrets! Fortunately the world is waking up and our buddy cannabis is well on its way to becoming a normalized part of adult life. For those of us who are lucky enough to have parents ranging from like-minded to open-minded, congratulations! Speaking openly to mom and dad just scored you some new sesh buddies. Indulge mom with a Canndescent Stylus from Blüm and you’re guaranteed to outpace your siblings in the race for favorite child.

Enjoying a Sunday Goods joint while doing a puzzleFor those of you who excitedly burst out of the cannabis closet only to be met with opposition try to keep your cool. Remember how Ceasar Milan (yeah the Dog Whisperer - stay with me here!) was able to work his magic by using calm and assertive energy with animals?  Well, that is just solid advice for life in general. No matter how valid and well-educated your messaging is, you will lose your audience if you drench it in emotion and defensiveness. Remaining calm and factual is your best bet. Mentally prepare yourself that shifting deeply rooted opinions isn’t likely to happen overnight. If you remain confident in your decision to be open with your family about cannabis and live your life in a manner that exemplifies the positive aspects of your argument, eventually their negative opinions simply won’t hold up. As we all know cannabis users don’t fit into stereotypes. We are fitness gurus, entrepreneurs, loving parents, and we are so far from lazy it’s laughable! Live by example and you will see progress, even if it is slow you’ve made progress and that is all that matters.

Some parents may not be judgmental, however they love you and it’s their job to look out for you. Oftentimes parental fear is simply how they show their concern for your health and well being. If that is the case lean on science. Seek to use data points from peer reviewed studies that have been conducted by accredited universities and research organizations. In addition to the Blüm FREELY blog we love for easily digested and well researched articles that your family may be open to reading. At Blüm our favorite cannabis talking point is that “you can trust your cannabis more than your food!”. We break that down a bit further in our post about the benefits of shopping for legal cannabis. The short version is that cannabis regulation has gone to extreme lengths to protect the consumer. We can proudly state that our labeling and testing requirements are more stringent than the food on our grocer’s shelves.

If your family remains opposed to cannabis, you may at least reach a mutual understanding that your cannabis usage is responsible and deemed safe by local regulators.  By shopping at a licensed dispensary like Blüm mom and dad can rest assured you are partaking in cannabis that has been tested and deemed safe for consumption. At the end of the day our parents love us and just want the best for us. Mom may never take a hit off your blunt, but if she respects your right to enjoy cannabis in your life without criticism that’s a win. And then pass that blunt to grandma because mom might not want any but there definitely was a time when grandma was a badass too.


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