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Luxury Cannabis Dining: Get the Scoop on Cannabazaar

Let's Blüm | March 06, 2019

After the recent social media craze surrounding our mysterious green drink with a lit joint attached, we have received a ton of questions! “Reefer Madness” swept our social media feed with drops of Select CBD (not acid - but those comments were hilarious!) and we could not be more thrilled. With so many details flying high, we have decided to break down our Cannabazaar.

Bartender infusing the mysterious green drink at the CannabazaarFor those of you who weren’t there, don’t worry — we had so much fun hosting this one it will definitely become a thing!

In order to show the world what Blüm has to offer, we hosted a private luxury cannabis dining experience in partnership with A mixture of new acquaintances and old friends of Blüm sipped luxurious Select CBD-infused mocktails as we showed our influential guests just how sophisticated legal cannabis has become. While those CBD drops weren’t going to take you down some trippy rabbit hole, our intent was to show that whether you are a “weed person” or not, cannabis might have some THC-infused magic that is right up your alley!  

Blüm invited guests from the worlds of fashion, fitness, food and of course, cannabis. With consumption optional we were able to mix the curious novice with real cannabis industry heavy hitters (including THE Kush Queen herself – Olivia Alexander). After all, cannabis is all about harmonious connection and what better way to show it? We have waited years for opportunities like this dinner where cannabis is not only accessible, but where we are free to experience it and speak about it so openly … what a time to be alive!

CBD-infused mocktails by our cannabis-enthused mixologist, Casey Lyons, showed us that we do not need booze to have a good time! Just pass us a Canndescent preroll and a flaming “Reefer Madness” and we are set up for success in combating any attacks of cottonmouth. Then we laughed and laughed that people used to think this peaceful little plant could turn them into crazed maniacs! Happy to report the only thing crazy was the amount of praise our event received.

Three Cannabazaar ladies holding a @letsblum sign at the Cannabazaar luxury dinner

6B9A1171Our curated marketplace highlighted some Valentine’s Day picks to spark up your love life from Flav, Kiva, Canndescent, Kush Queen, and Select.  The crowd favorite was definitely the THC-infused lube from Kush Queen — yes, LUBE! If you are one of those who is not a fan of being elevated, please do not begrudge this of your nether regions. Those intimate parts cannot speak for themselves and by all means we must give the “people” what they want!!!

Chef Luke Reyes of La Hoja created an impressive four-course dinner menu, and if we learned anything that night it was that having a gourmet chef around when you have the munchies is living your best life, elevated. Our favorite was the Cornish game hen that showed you can combine adulting with buffalo wings. Licking ranch out of the bottom of a bowl is much more sophisticated when prefaced by a homemade fermented chili buffalo sauce. Like I said, adulting.

Chef Luke’s “Passed Nugs” appetizer was cannabis-infused cooking at its finest. We have our suspicions that Chef might have been toking on some Canndescent Create when he conceived of this one. Why you ask? Let’s just say he took our greatest dietary sadness (Kale) and dusted it over regular fried foods to create these beautiful NUGS artfully plated to mimic an 1/8th of your favorite strain. We could not get enough of his vision brought to life complete with Canndescent jars!

Upstairs, we decided to turn our Coachella flower crown fantasies into a floating centerpiece crafted with some DIY magic and the perfect marriage of branches, eucalyptus, and plumbing parts from Home Depot. We feel fairly certain that somewhere Snoop & Martha are very proud.

Diners at the Cannabazaar luxury cannabis dinner hosted by Blüm and Foodbeast

We finished the night with more Canndescent prerolls, chocolate cake infused with Kiva milk chocolate bars, and a ride home in the Flav bus. Not only do we advocate for good food and good fun, but most importantly we always advocate for every cannabis consumer to #blümRESPONSIBLY. 

If you enjoyed the recap of our Cannabazaar, please stay tuned as we will post a recap detailing all of our CBD-infused mocktails as well as how to make your own “hanging flower crown floating centerpiece” so that Snoop & Martha can be proud of you too.

As always, Blüm FREELY!

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