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Ignite Your Passion with Cannabis

Let's Blüm | February 13, 2019

If I asked you to tell me the first thing that pops into your head when I say the phrase “recreational cannabis” how would you respond? In order to remove my personal bias as an industry insider, I asked around to a few of my friends who aren’t familiar with cannabis to give me genuine answers. The responses were overwhelmingly similar and ranged from: edibles, pipes and baggies of “weed” to stoner movies, couch-lock and bongs. Several years ago, I probably would have given the same answers. But times have changed and I am excited to share!

As a marketer of cannabis products, that is exactly what has drawn me to Kush Queen. When speaking to anyone who tells me “weed isn’t my thing” I (overly) enthusiastically begin my sales pitch for our Kush Queen Bath Bombs, and suddenly weed becoming their thing is within reach. Then, once I heard my favorite bath bomb makers came out with the first condom-safe, cannabis-infused personal lubricant — called Ignite on the California market, I knew that Blüm needed to stock it.

Landing just in time for Valentine’s Day, we could certainly ramble on about how much fun we can all have with this one, but what I love most about this product is the aspect of wellness and safety. At Blüm, our overall ethos is to encourage all cannabis users to #blümRESPONSIBLY — and where better to start than with your most precious bits?

Young couple in bed enjoying the effects of Kush Queen's Ignite topicalKush Queen’s Ignite comes in both a CBD and THC version and is latex compatible, paraben free, petrochemical free, and non-staining. Enhanced pleasure that is condom safe? YES PLEASE! That being said, hitting the sheets is not always a hot topic for everyone. Many women suffer from hormonal changes at various stages of life that can cause pain during intercourse, whether that be post-partum or pre- and post-menopause (our lady business can be a fickle friend).

Cannabis has been reported to have anti-inflammatory properties as well as enhance overall sensation, giving this lube one powerful ingredient with the potential to actually re-ignite your love life. If you are one of those people for whom “weed isn’t my thing” I can assure you, weed can be your thing even if you don’t like being high. By applying the product topically in one localized area, your nether regions can fly high while keeping your mind free and clear.

At this point, the men might be feeling a little left out, but Ignite is for you too! Ignite can not only enhance personal satisfaction but is perfect for partner pleasure in the bedrooms of LGBTQ couples for whom lube is a must.

Kush Queen’s Ignite retails at Blüm California locations for $54.99. Ignite might just be the third-wheel bedroom buddy you and your partner have always craved!

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Photo credit: Jon Putek of Newmark Creative


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