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How to Find the Perfect Cannabis Edibles Dosage

Chase Maser | July 01, 2019

Every cannabis user has a moment where they take in a little more than expected. Whether it's a joint or a bong, sometimes a large inhale is a bit stifling and it may take you a minute or two to process everything. On the other hand, when consuming edibles, the aftermath can be even more problematic!

Getting your edibles dosage wrong can result in some interesting surprises, so it's best to prepare yourself with the right information beforehand. If you've had issues in the past or you're interested in giving edibles a try, here's how to find the perfect dosage with every bite. 

What are Edibles?

Edibles are a method of consuming cannabis through food products. 

For instance, desserts, gummies, candies, and chocolates are popular products that include cannabis flowers or oils. Users can whip up a batch up cookies using cannabis butter, or they can grind down a certain flower strain and mix it right into a tray of brownies.

Primarily, inhaling cannabis is the quickest way to experience its effects; it usually takes between 2-2.5 minutes for the herb to hit the body's system, however you’ll start to notice the effects as soon as the terpene-rich smoke hits your lungs. When ingesting cannabis, on the other hand, effects may not surface until 45 minutes later, which makes planning ahead and getting the right dosage important. Digesting edibles also produce different levels of potency in the bloodstream, which can produce a unique experience that's unlike traditional inhalation.  

Find Your Dosage

We all know have that one friend who claims to be able to smoke, vape, or consume any amount of cannabis with no repercussions. But for the vast majority of us, this is not a sustainable practice. Going overboard can quickly lead to unpleasant experiences that might turn you off from cannabis entirely. This is why using cannabis in moderation and finding your dosage is so important.  

Getting ready to eat a Kiva Camino cannabis infused gummy Wearing Kiva Camino cannabis infused gummies as rings on her fingers

This can be especially true for those dealing with chronic pain or illnesses where cannabis makes improvements. If you're taking cannabis to boost your appetite, and you take too much to the point of getting nauseous, the experience falls apart. The same goes for situations where you're not taking enough. Perhaps you get terrible back spasms and you need instant relief, and the dosage you consume constantly keeps you in agitation. 

You don't want to get into a situation where you're wasting money and putting your body on a roller coaster. To avoid these problems, here are some general guidelines to keep in mind.  

Get a Recommendation

When first making a purchase, talk to your provider and get their recommendation for a beginning dosage based on your needs. Generally, a good starting dose is between 1-2.5mg for new cannabis users looking for mild relief. In some cases, a new user may require up to 3 doses before anything kicks in. To ensure a faster onset time, try an edible drink. You’ll notice the effects of a drink between 5 to 15 minutes, because your digests liquids faster. Instead of having to wait an hour to know if 2.5 milligrams was enough, you will know within minutes of taking that first sip. 

Try Tinctures First

With cannabis tinctures and oils, you can dole out a very precise dosage using an eye-dropper. Try consuming a few drops and see if and when the effects take hold. If after an hour you still don't feel anything, repeat the process and test your reactions accordingly. Do you feel relaxed? Are you light-headed? Does your presence feel altered? Ask yourself these questions and take note of when symptoms arise. Based on how you're feeling, you can either increase the dosage little by little or reduce as needed. 

Microdosing Helps

Cannabis microdosing is the process of giving yourself the lowest possible dose to produce effects. Once you're able to find that point of ignition, you then stay at that level for a few days to normalize the feeling. From there, you slowly increase your dose between 1-3mg and repeat the process. Microdosing proves to be a highly useful practice for cannabis users because studies show that smaller amounts of cannabis offer better alleviation to issues with depression, insomnia, stress, and anxiety. 

The overall idea is to use cannabis as a way to maintain comfort, not to overuse it for the wrong reasons. Rather than buying a product and winging it, follow this advice and see what works for you. 

Enjoy the Benefits of the Right Dose

Starting slow with cannabis gives you an idea of how a product makes you feel and allows you an opportunity for steady growth. As cannabis becomes globally accepted and used by a variety of consumers, learning how to develop and maintain its use within your lifestyle is vital. 

After all, you want to feel good after ingesting cannabis, right? As fun as it may be to have a near psychedelic experience off of some gummies while eating an entire week’s meal prep, it might also defeat the purpose of promoting daily wellness. So use your best judgment and enjoy the benefits of finding the right dose. 

Blüm stores have a wide selection of edible cannabis products to choose from. Plus, you can rest assured that every item is expertly-crafted with your enjoyment in mind. Check what goodies are available in your closest retail location and start refining your taste buds today!

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