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Finding My Island: A Mom’s Guide to Cannabis Enhanced Self-Care

Amy Oppedisano | May 05, 2019

I have been parenting for almost 8 years now.  And if ya know, ya know.  I get why so many moms are dying for that glass of wine.  This shit is HARD AF.  We all love our children more than anything in the world and the positive aspects far outweigh the tough stuff.  BUT, in the little years parenting is one long marathon full of tears, sleepless nights, gross fluids, and SO MUCH stickiness.  Literally everything is sticky.

I am a firm believer that “Weed Mom” should become the new “Wine Mom”.

As moms it is essential that we practice self-care in whatever meaningful ways we can when we have a chance to eek out a few moments of personal space.  Wine culture is so widely accepted by moms, but unfortunately alcohol just isn’t the best thing for our minds and bodies.  Hangovers can further deplete an already depleted mom, and let’s face it – stepping on a lego while hungover just might cause a mommy meltdown. 

Cannabis pairs very nicely with all sorts of wellness based, self-care activities to truly keep you feeling relaxed and in the moment.  This is self care that replenishes instead of depletes.  We cannot be effective for others, whether that be at work or with family, if our mental bong water is a quart low. 

Cannabis can actually make you a BETTER parent. 


Island Mini’s are pretty much the perfect Weed Mom accessory.  Small, discreet, and quick to consume.  What more could we ask for in a world where we can’t even pee alone?

Consuming an Island Mini literally dissolves my stress and anxiety within minutes, reminding me that I deserve to enjoy myself once in awhile too!  For this post, I had the good fortune of dad taking the kids out for the day so that I could truly “find my Island.”  Here is a breakdown of what I did…

10:00 am:  I first spent a solid 15 minutes freaking out that I have this HUGE block of time to myself.  There are so many options I don’t even know where to start and while I have had this day planned for awhile, I am now getting anxiety over how to use my time wisely.  You know when you first unleash your dog at the dog park and they are so full of excitement they just run crazily around in circles?  It probably looked like that.  Time for an Island Mini to zap the anxiety and find some friggin focus.

10:30 am:  Ahhhhhh.  That’s better.  Now to make a game plan.  I have decided that I’d like to spend my day with some exercise, outdoor time, and a fabulous meal.  Alone.  What more could a mom want!

11:00 am:  At home yoga.  This day is about me and I am an introvert so I am not very interested in chatting at a studio with other yogis.  I settle on a YouTube video that guides me through an hour of downward dogs and breathing and poses.  The high from my Island Mini has made me feel more focused on my breath and I am able utilize this opportunity to realign myself both physically and mentally.

12:30 pm:  After yoga I get ready to head out for a bit.  I order a Lyft and grab my Island Mini to re-up on my buzz before it arrives (we ALWAYS encourage you to Blüm Responsibly, never drive while under the influence of cannabis).  Once the mini kicks in I decide on ramen, because the munchies are real and no picky eaters are allowed to rain complaints on my Island.

Blüm hat in the desert1:00 pm:   I settle in at my favorite ramen shop in downtown Laguna Beach and my bowl of Spicy Ground Pork Ramen tastes extra amazing – thanks mini!  Dining alone is something I have always loved.   I put on one of my favorite podcasts, The Katchup, and listen to my foodie friends regale a story about getting high and going to Medieval Times.  It’s hilarious and I am giggling enough that the waitress prob thinks I am weird but I am so in the moment I really don’t care.  It also makes me want to save one of these minis so I can get high and go to Medieval Times next time I can find a babysitter. 

2:00 pm:  After lunch I am craving a walk to compensate for overeating and I head towards the beach.  I am still feeling great from my Island Mini and it has me appreciating the natural beauty of the SoCal coast.  I have lived in California so long that sometimes I forget to stop and pause at what an incredibly gorgeous landscape we have.  I take off my sandals and stop to dig my toes in the sand while people-watching for awhile.  The salt scent in the air is such a happy place for me.  I grew up landlocked in Nebraska and will never forget the first time I smelled the ocean.  Every time I mindfully breathe that in it just centers me into a state of gratitude for this place I love to live.

3:00 pm:  Back home and the kids are coming back in an hour.  I light up my Island Mini one more time before I jump in my bed (without any tiny feet in my face – WOW) and I capitalize on this VERY rare opportunity to nap.

4:00 pm:  I’m waking up and everyone is back home.  I go downstairs and start what is sure to be an hour-long process of deciding what to make for dinner because I swear the two kids have a secret pact to be contrarians on EVERYTHING just to mess with me.  But today I truly found my Island and I am unfazed by the arguing.   

To the moms who are reading this, let's flip the script and make Weed Mom the new Wine Mom.  I truly believe that if we are utilizing cannabis as a wellness tool, in a healthy and responsible manner, it will make us WAY better moms.  You deserve to have fun, and you need to take care of yourself.  You can’t pour from an empty bong.


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