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10 Best Dispensaries in Las Vegas

Let's Blüm | December 05, 2018

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Can you give us a quick history of Blüm?

We launched our first location in Oakland in 2013. Four years later we joined forces with Terratech, a publicly traded company, which made Blüm one of the first publicly traded cannabis companies!

blum-0890How many locations do you have?

After our first location in Oakland, CA, we opened 3 dispensaries in Las Vegas and just launched 1 location in Reno. We also got approved to open several more in California. That means we now have a total of 5 locations with more on the way!

Are you planning on applying for recreational licenses for the Las Vegas locations?

Absolutely. We want to progress the cannabis movement in Nevada any way that we can. We want to be a part of that movement, ensuring that every step is in compliance. Blüm aims for a golden standard, everyone working together for responsible legalization, not separate dispensaries working against each other.

What sets you apart? What is your competitive advantage?

First, We get a lot of tourism from California. Plenty of people in the bay area know our brand name as well as our stories. Blüm has been progressing the industry and maintaining a high standard. Second, we have some of the best pricing in town.

It's the experience, too. When you come into Blüm you're welcomed like family, and we want to make sure that every patient leaves with a smile and the proper medicine. We identify as sleek and professional but also comfortable and welcoming for patients that have never entered a dispensary. We try to get rid of the stigma of buying in a shady alley through our welcoming atmosphere. We want patients to feel comfortable at all of our locations.

Do you have a favorite local infused edible or concentrate company?

We have a bunch of different favorites, from Polaris to Deep Roots, to Moxie, Cheeba Chews, Green Therapeutics, and more. They each have their own following, and our different Nevada locations favor some items or cultivators over others.

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