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Medical Marijuana Dispensary and CBD Oil Las Vegas


Cannabis Concentrates and Medical Dispensary Las Vegas


We are the front line of social change in the revolution to live free. The ones who have toiled to build a world where you can trust your cannabis more than your food. The place you visit for trustworthy products and services in an inviting retail environment that feels normal because it is normal.

By pioneering social change, we’ve fought the fight for you (and often with you!). Now we have our boots on the ground and firmly cemented in place. We are tearing down the stigma and elevating the game. And we’ve built one big, beautiful family along the way—an ecosystem made up of the industry’s best people and loyal friends of blüm like you. Our swoon-worthy products, qualified team, and constant innovation help fuel our reputation as curious adventurers on an unstoppable mission.

We are working hard, so you can blüm FREELY.



It’s no secret we’ve got the best people, the best business practices, and the best guests in the universe (that’s you). We have sourced some of the most superior products literally under the sun and fought hard to deliver them to you in this brave new world.

We’ve been on the front line cultivating social change and a cultural shift, moving the cannabis industry forward —for all to blüm FREELY. We keep our ears to the ground and believe in doing things the right way, even if it’s the hard way. If you’re new, welcome…we’ve got you. Old friends? Bring it in. This is where the adventure begins.

Our Team



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What I love most about blüm:

The people. The employees, of course, but also our local, loyal, repeat customers. They’re really why we’re here.

My favorite cannabis product:

Baskin+ Glow. I have psoriatic arthritis and it makes my most painful days tolerable.

Why I blüm:

Unlike most dispensaries in Las Vegas, Blüm is positioned primarily for folks like me so—for me—that makes it both a comfortable place to shop and to work. It’s my kinda place.

Most memorable interaction I had with a customer:

A lady came in who was in a hurry and a bit irritated with me at check-in, making a few rude comments. While departing she stopped to apologize, explaining that she had stage four cancer and was in immense pain. She teared up as she recounted how the staff had made her feel special regardless of her "nastiness."

Advice I would tell someone coming to the store for the first time:

Trust us; we care about you, not just your money. Our bud tenders are very knowledgeable, kind and patient, so let us take care of you.